Super Bowl XLIX
The Super Bowl XLIX in-game graphics package was a tremendous motion graphics undertaking for NBC Sports Group. My role was lead designer on the graphics from concept through production. The Super Bowl was viewed by 120.8 million viewers and is the most watched event in American history.

The team at NBC, lead by Art Director John Schleef, started developing graphics for the Super Bowl in late September. The five month process took us through countless storyboards, test animations, and style frames. We landed on a style that was sleek, aggressive, dark, and impactful. The bold contrast of light and dark and strong burst of team colors made for a dramatic and exciting style.

I worked with an incredible team of designers and animators to bring this concept to life. These people are truly the best in the business. I am very proud to have been a part of this project and I am even more proud of the graphics we created. 

The Graphics Team
John Schleef - Art Director / Animator / Designer
Eric Say - Lead Designer / Animator / Lead 3D Artist
Jim Magbanua - Designer / Animator / 3D Artist
Alberto Zayas - Designer
Mike Trinker - Animator
Scott Flato - Project Manager
The entire team at NBC Sports - There are so many hard-working, dedicated, talented people who make the NFL on NBC such a success. 

Individual Animations